Headlines in World News April 21, 2016

Death Toll Continuing to Rise as Aftershocks of Earthquake in Ecuador continue to be Felt

A 7.8-magnitude earthquake rocked Ecuador on Saturday, and the current estimated death toll is just over 550. The estimated number of those injured is around 7,000 and approximately 24,000 Ecuadorians have lost their homes.

Bus Bombed in Jerusalem

Hamas wants credit for the bombing of a public bus in Jerusalem that injured ta least 20 people on Wednesday.

Kabul Death Toll Rises after Taliban Attack

Following through on its announcement to make for a blood spring, Taliban forces attacked detonated a bomb near an intelligence compound, killing more than 60 and injuring almost 350.

500 Migrants Die Trying to Flee to Italy

It is believed that as many as 500 migrants may have died on the Mediterranean as they tried to flee Africa and the Middle East. As migrants were being transferred from a smaller boat to a larger one, the massive crowns and movement caused the larger boat to capsize and sink.


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