Headlines in U.S. News April 21, 2016

Harriett Tubman Will Replace Andrew Jackson on the Twenty Dollar Bill. 

Other women will be added to the backs of $5 and $10 bills. The changes are expected to be rolled out in about ten years.

Drug Tunnel Found Running from San Diego to Mexico.

This tunnel runs about 1/2 mile, and is the longest of the 75 similar tunnels, connecting Mexico to California or Arizona, found within the last five years.

Singer Prince Dies at Age 57.

Three Government Officials Charged in Flint Water Case. 

After extremely high levels of lead were found in the drinking water of Flint, Michigan, government officials are finally being held responsible. Three government employees were charged with willful neglect of duty and tampering with evidence. Officials knew that the water sources contained unhealthy levels of lead, but opted not to share this knowledge with the public. Since, many adults and children have suffered from lead poisoning.


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