National Headlines April 22, 2016

At Least 7 Dead in Ohio Shooting

5 children and 2 adults were killed this morning in Pike County, Ohio. All 7 people were family members of the shooter, who is still at large.

U.S. Supreme Court Continues to Hear Evidence in Case Against President Obama’s Immigration Order

Texas and 25 other states brought the suit to court against the Federal government, stating the Executive Branch usurped its Constitutional power by mandating the deferral of the removal of illegal aliens throughout the nation. If the Court has a split decision (4-4 tie), then the decision will revert tot he lower court ruling, which found that President Obama’s executive order was illegal and cannot be enforced.

Flooding in Houston Continues

At least 5 people are dead and 1,000 homes destroyed after the Houston area got 18 inches of rain earlier this week. Flights in and out of the area have been delayed and cancelled.

Debate over Transgender Bathrooms Continues

Court cases are being heard around the nation regarding a transgender individual’s right to use the bathroom (or locker room/changing room) of the gender with which they identify, as opposed to the gender he/she was born with. A Virginia Appeals court ruled this week in favor of a transgender student, sending the case back down to the district court for a new hearing. Last month, North Carolina became the first state to require transgender individuals to use the bathroom or locker room that matched the gender on their birth certificate.


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