The Candidates – The R’s

Follow this link to check out the candidates’ positions on most issues:

Donald Trump


Real-estate mogul Donald J. Trump is well known for his successful business empire and reality TV shows. This is his first official foray into politics.

On the Issues…

-Promises to reform the immigration system and enforce the federal immigration laws already in place. This includes increasing the number of ICE agents, utilizing E-verify for all employers, defunding sanctuary cities, and ending birthright citizenship.

-His infamous wall separating Mexico from the U.S. will be funded through remittances, increasing visa fees, and/or by reversing unfair trade tariffs.

-Will reform U.S. trade agreements with China to better protect American workers and intellectual property.

-Reform healthcare by repealing the Affordable Care Act and encouraging competition in the healthcare insurance market.

-Will reform the VA, increase funding for PTSD treatment, increase funding for job training of veterans, and improve VA services for female veterans.

-Tax reform which includes tax relief for middle-income families, simplifying the tax code, and discouraging corporate inversions.

-Supports the 2nd Amendment and individual rights to bear arms.

Obstacles – known for putting his foot in his mouth, Mr. Trump has made many comments that have rubbed people the wrong way. He is also a big supporter of eminent domain, which many Republicans and Libertarians are staunchly against. Not to mention, Mr. Trump is new to the political scene as has become apparent with his misunderstanding of the delegate system in primary elections.


Ted Cruz


The son of a Cuban immigrant, Senator Cruz is a professed evangelical Christian. He is currently serving his first term as a Texas Senator.

On the issues…

-Believes in small government and seeks to limit the federal government to its Constitutional rights and privileges.

-Supports 2nd Amendment the right of the individual to bear arms.

-Will secure the border between U.S. and Mexico by building a wall and increasing border security, strengthening E-verify, and reversing sanctuary city policies.

-Will repeal the Iran Deal.

-Improve care for veterans and increase VA accountability.

-Will reform the tax system to have a simple, flat tax and will make the tax system friendlier to small businesses.

-Promises to repeal the Affordable Care Act.

-Approves of the Keystone Pipeline and other projects that will utilize energy resources in America.

-Supports the U.S.-Israeli alliance.

-He personally does not support gay marriage, but has not made any promises or threats to reverse the federal ruling on such.

Potential obstacles: For some reason, people just don’t like the way he looks, which could be an obstacle. If he were the Republican nominee pitted against Senator Clinton, he is projected to lose, and badly.


John Kasich


Current governor of Ohio with a positive approval rating, Governor Kasich turned Ohio’s $8 billion deficit into a $2 billion surplus since taking office. Previously, Kasich served in Congress and worked as an investment banker.

On the issues…

-Will decrease the size of government and reduce its expenses.

-He is against federally-mandated education reforms and systems (e.g. Common Core); believes that education should be decided by communities and their states.

-Supports strengthening NATO and regional alliances to defeat ISIS.

-Will repeal the Affordable Care Act and replace it with patient-centered care, marketplace choices and competition, and decentralized decision making.

-Will reduce spending of the government to balance the budget and reduce our national debt.

-Defends the 2nd Amendment and the right to bear arms.

Potential obstacles: Governor Kasich is nowhere near getting enough delegates to snag the nomination. However, with a possibly brokered convention coming in July, he still has a chance at becoming the Republican presidential nominee.



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