May 2, 2016

A Weekend of Protests, Some Marred by Violence

Protests in Seattle Turn Violent

May Day protests in Seattle turned violent on Sunday as protesters threw rocks, bottles, and Molotov cocktails, overturned police cars, and damaged buildings. Originally, May Day was a celebration of Spring and, around the late 19th century, also become known as International Workers’ Day, as declared by the International Socialist Conference.  A peaceful protest had occurred earlier in the day in Seattle to draw attention to immigration issues and workers’ rights; but the violence of this later protest overshadowed any legitimate complaints, issues, conversations, or debates that could have been had on May Day 2016. The violence resulted in five police officers being injured and nine people being arrested.

May Day Protests in Los Angeles Focus on Trump

Because of his strong words against illegal immigration into the United States, hundreds took to the streets in mixed May Day/anti-Trump protest. This protest drew relatively small crowds and remained peaceful. Protesters waved American and Mexican flags and claimed to be upset over Trump’s promise to deport illegal immigrants and tighten border security.

Anti-Trump Protesters Active Thursday and Friday

As Donald Trump was slated on Friday to give a speech in Burlingame, California, protesters disrupted traffic and blocked the entrance of the hotel where Trump was set to speak, the same hotel hosting the Republican Convention over the weekend. Protesters tore down barricades and tried to storm the entrance but were held off by police.

Another protest occurred in Costa Mesa Thursday night where Trump was giving a speech. 20 people were arrested at that protest, as police cars were damaged, traffic was blocked, and Trump supporters attacked.


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