U.S. Headlines May 10, 2016

Army Intelligence Officer Sues President Over Actions Against ISIS

Army Captain Nathan Michael Smith is taking suit against President Obama, stating that the military actions in Syria and Iraq against ISIS are illegal and unconstitutional. Smith took part in attacks in these areas, and is a supporter of intervention in the area, yet insists that because no declaration of war was issued from Congress, President Obama is acting illegally. Originally, humanitarian aid justified action in the region, but now the administration is relying on the 2001 war authorization that allowed the president to pursue military action against those responsible for 9/11. Clearly, this authorization is a bit of a stretch for justifying action against ISIS, a group that did not exist until 2014. U.S. troops have been deployed to Iraq and Syria since 2014, and the number of troops deployed keeps growing.

North Carolina Suing the Feds Over Bathroom Law

North Carolina’s new law restricts individuals to using the bathroom, changing room, and locker room that matches the gender assigned to them at birth. The U.S. Justice Department filed suit against the state, citing the statute as being discriminatory against transgender individuals. In turn, the state of North Carolina has filed suit against the federal government for overreach.



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