Donald Trump Secures his Spot as GOP Nominee

The Associated Press reported today that Donald Trump has officially obtained and exceeded the number of needed delegates (1,237) to become the GOP presidential candidate, avoiding any possibility of a contested convention in July.  Of course, there are still rumblings about a potential third party candidate being put forward by conservatives that oppose Trump, but there is little evidence to support this as a legitimate option.

The only hope of a contested convention now seems to reside with the Democrats. Bernie Sanders has 1,539 delegates to Hillary Clinton’s 1,769, and the two candidates are polling in a  dead heat in California, which holds the promise of 475 delegates. Clinton, however, has far more super delegates than Sanders, which should be able to push her into the official position of Democratic presidential candidate.


Still can’t figure out how the delegate process works? You’re certainly not alone, but this article from Bloomberg Politics may help with the confusion.


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