Bombings, Terror Continue in Middle East

Three Attacks in Saudi Arabia in 24 Hours

On Monday three attacks took place in Saudi Arabia: near a Shiite mosque, by the U.S. Consulate in Jeddah, and near Mohammed’s burial place in Medina, considered a holy site. The first two attacks failed, with the suicide bombers killing only themselves. The attack in Medina killed four people.

Over 200 Killed in Baghdad Bombing

Early Sunday in Baghdad, Iraq a suicide truck bomb exploded in a busy shopping center, killing at least 215 people, and injuring about 175. Due to the contents of the shopping center, such as perfumes and highly flammable clothing, the initial blast set off a firestorm that engulfed shoppers.

A second bomb was detonated in a different neighborhood of Baghdad on the same day, killing one and injuring  five.

ISIS has claimed responsibility for both attacks in Baghdad.


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