Your 2016 Presidential Candidates

Now that all of the conventions are over and nominations are official, it’s time for an update on who the presidential candidates are for 2016. Because this election cycle is different in so many ways, information about the Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson is also included, in addition to details about the usual R and D suspects. If anybody starts talking seriously about the Green Party candidate (presumably Jill Stein), details will be added later. As always, we’ll keep it short and sweet for you, with links to additional websites if you want to learn more. Taxes, immigration, and foreign policy will be mentioned for each, along with any major items of note.

Gary Johnson – Libertarian

-simplify the tax code and eliminate the double taxation of domestic businesses.

-advocates small, limited government, meaning the government need not be involved in marriages, gun control, drug laws, and more. He also promises to reduce government spending and disallow further deficit spending (the national debt is nearing $20 trillion).

-will simplify the immigration and visa process to reduce illegal immigration.

-his foreign policy is vague, but Johnson prefers diplomacy over military intervention, yet is not a strict isolationist like many libertarians.

Of note: Johnson is big with millennials who flocked to Bernie Sanders originally in hopes of disrupting the system. His small government will mean less butt-wiping and hand-holding by the feds, so if that’s your thing, then he’s your man.

For his stance on all of the issues: 

Hillary Clinton – Democrat

Hillary Clinton official Secretary of State portrait crop.jpg

-increase the number of write-offs for working class families and small business, and increase overall taxes on the wealthy and Wall Street (here’s a comparison of Clinton and Trump’s proposed tax plans).

-increase American military intervention to defeat ISIS and other terrorist networks (for a look at her foreign policy track record, look here).

-will create a pathway to citizenship for immigrants here illegally and will extend healthcare to illegal immigrants. Although not stated explicitly on her website, she admittedly supports sanctuary cities.

-will expand social security.

-supports and will protect the Affordable Care Act, and likely expand it.

Of note: if you’re looking for big government, Hillary’s your girl. She has promised to ensure tuition-free and/or debt-free college, mandate a minimum paternity leave, increase gun ownership restrictions, and increase the national minimum wage. She has been mum on the issue of restricting deficit spending, and has defended the president’s authority to pass executive orders, at least regarding immigration. For what it’s worth, Hillary has not held a press conference in over 200 days (The Hill), making some wonder if this is a harbinger of things to come with a (female) Clinton presidency. As an experienced politician, many feel that Hillary is the only legitimate choice.

For more information, her site is here:

Donald Trump – Republican

Trump at lectern before backdrop with elements of logo "TRUMP"

-strong border control and enforcement of federal immigration laws; will enforce E-verify nationwide and enforce stricter penalties for those that overstay their visas.

-simplify the tax code while making it more generous to the middle class as well as those businesses that keep operations in the U.S. (here’s a comparison of the R and D proposed tax plans)

-although his foreign policy is fluid to say the least, Trump believes the Iran Deal is a disaster (and would revoke it), that China is taking advantage of America, and that ISIS needs to be dealt with quickly and forcefully. His foreign policy, he says, will be guided by “America First”  (for his latest speech on foreign policy, click here).

-has promised to reform the VA and give veterans the option to seek care outside of the VA system without having to pay for it.

To note: Trump grabs headlines nearly every day – some believe he insults immigrants or entire races of people, and others believe he invites Russia to hack the U.S. government. He is known for shooting off his mouth and getting into Twitter wars, but it is this fact that he is an uncensored non-politician that leads many to flock to him. His ego and lack of experience worry many (flashback to a young community organizer and first-term senator named Barack Obama eight years ago). It is likely that the size of government and power of the executive branch would not shrink under a Trump presidency, and we would have to hope that he surrounds himself with intelligent, calm, level-headed, and persuasive individuals.

For Trump’s stance on all of the issues: look here


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