Headlines for the Week

Man Stabs 6 in London, Killing 1 American

Wednesday night a 19-year-old Norwegian man of Somali descent went on a stabbing spree in central London, injuring five people and killing one woman, an American. Police have found no ties to terrorism yet.

ISIS Captures Civilians Trying to Flee, Uses Them As Shields

The terror imposed by ISIS continues in northern Iraq, as it is now estimated that 3,000 men, women, and children have been captured by the terror group as they tried to flee their homes in Kirkuk, Mosul, and other areas of fighting. These captives are then used as human shields (12 have been killed this week) as ISIS tries to hold its ground against coalition forces.

Hillary Doubles Down on Lies, Trump Likes the Taste of His Foot

Clinton again lied to the public regarding her emails and use of a private server, contradicting the findings of FBI director Comey (read more here). Trump continues to single-handedly destroy his campaign by shooting off his loud mouth, this time arguing with the father of a fallen soldier,  allowing Clinton to increase her lead in the polls. A small ray of light in this dreadful presidential campaign: Gary Johnson will likely make it onto the debate stage in September, if he continues to rise in the polls.

U.S. Doesn’t Negotiate with Terrorists. Or Does It?

Video evidence has emerged (from Iranian media) that makes it undeniable that a plane landed with $400 million in cash from the U.S., right before a plane with American hostages then took off. One of the hostages has revealed  what happened that night, which corroborates the claim that the hostages were returned only after the money was delivered. But, no, America doesn’t negotiate with terrorists.

Court Finds Evidence that IRS Continues to Target Conservative Groups

IRS action revolves around delaying decisions for certain conservative groups to be classified as nonprofits, and thus taxed differently. The American people deserve non-partisan, transparent government agencies, and it seems that just isn’t happening with the IRS.


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