Attack at University in Kabul Just the Latest in Middle East Turmoil

On Wednesday, gunmen entered the campus of American University in Kabul, Afghanistan and began firing shots and setting off explosions. No terrorist organization has taken responsibility yet, although many suspect the Taliban, which has been increasing its attacks in Afghanistan. 13 people have been killed, with many more injured. The attack lasted nine hours, when police were finally able to eliminate the two remaining attackers.

The university was in the news earlier this month when two professors,  one Australian and one American, were kidnapped at gunpoint. Their whereabouts are unknown.

Earlier this month…

-A Taliban IED in Afghanistan killed an American soldier this Tuesday, and injured one American and six Afghan soldiers. The American killed was 28-year-old Green Beret Staff Sgt. Matthew Thompson.

-ISIS is suspected behind an attack on a Turkish wedding that killed 53 people, including 22 children, on Sunday, August 21

-Saudi-backed airstrikes earlier this month hit a school and a hospital in Yemen, killing 10 students at the school, and 19 people at the hospital.

-Iraqi police apprehended a would-be child suicide bomber for ISIS, noticing his explosive belt before he detonated it. ISIS is aggressively recruiting young children and turning them into suicide bombers.

-Iraqi forces continue to advance towards Mosul in the hopes of wrenching the city from the grasp of ISIS. More than 1 million civilians remain trapped in the city.




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