Train Crash, School Shooting, and Police Shootings Give a Bloody End to September

Thursday Morning Commute Train Crashes in New Jersey

More than 100 people were injured as a commuter train derailed Thursday morning, crashing into the Hoboken station. At least one person has died, and many are seriously injured.

School Shooting in South Carolina

A teenage male walked onto the campus of Townville Elementary School Wednesday afternoon and fired off shots before being tackled by a volunteer firefighter who happened to be on the campus. The shooter injured two students and one adult; one of the children is still in critical condition, while the other student and the adult have been released from the hospital. The suspect is believed to have killed his father in a home nearby before walking over to the school.

Police Shooting in San Diego

After pulling an object rapidly from his pants pocket and pointing it at an officer’s face, taking a shooting position, a man was shot and killed near San Diego, California Tuesday afternoon. The man’s alleged sister called 911, saying her brother was walking in traffic near a strip mall and acting erratically. Protests have ensued in El Cajon, where the shooting took place.

Two other individuals were killed by police officers earlier this month. Terence Cretcher was shot and killed in Tulsa, Oklahoma  where the shooting officer is being charged with manslaughter. Keith Scott was killed in Charlotte, North Carolina as he exited his vehicle with a gun in his hands and disobeyed orders to drop the weapon. The shooting in Charlotte sparked nights of protests, resulting in smashed windows, looted stores, and shots fired by some protesters.


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