The Scandal that Refuses to Die

Those emails will be haunting Hillary Clinton forever, it seems. New reports have surfaced showing that the State Department tried to strike a deal with members of the FBI to prevent the bureau from classifying certain Benghazi-related emails as classified. All of this was so that former Secretary Clinton could continue to claim that she never used her personal server for classified information. In addition to this quid pro quo proposal, there is evidence that outsiders tampered with evidence related to the Benghazi hearing (boxes of printed emails simply disappeared). That good old State Department further tried to decrease the impact of the emails by overseeing the redaction and classification of these emails, as well as trying to release the 30,000  emails all at once in an attempt to bombard any watchdog reporters and lessen impact of the emails.


For an in-depth article on the State Department’s attempted cover-ups, check out Sarah Westwood’s article here


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