Berkeley Makes Headlines Again as Trump Rally Turns Violent

In the season of rallies and counter-rallies and protests ad nauseum, marchers came out for yet another cause over the weekend: in support of the president and his “America First” policies. Supporters of President Trump sought to make their voices heard over the rabble of protests against his executive orders with “March 4 Trump” rallies across the nation. And yet again, intolerance reared its ugly head at many of these rallies, including the one that took place just blocks away from UC Berkeley, once a beacon for free speech movements. After all was said and done, ten people were arrested and seven were injured at Berkeley as Trump protesters and supporters clashed. Elsewhere, six protesters were arrested in St. Paul, Minnesota after they lit fireworks at the Capitol then ran; two others were arrested in Nashville. Berkeley’s protest, however, took the cake as individuals burned American flags and pepper-sprayed each other; police confiscated weapons such as baseball bats, bricks, and metal pipes. Many other “March 4 Trump” rallies across the nation took place with no incident, including in New York city, Washington D.C., Lansing, Mich., and elsewhere.

Image courtesy of  REUTERS/Stephen Lam

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