This site is dedicated to educating the under-educated on major issues in the United States and around the world. Explore the categories on the right to get caught up on all you need to know. You’ll find our full-length reports and in-depth news stories in our category titled “Beyond the Headlines.” If our daily posts about the news get you thinking and you want to find out more about a topic, this is where you’ll find it. Don’t see something you think we should be talking about? Let us know by sending us an email!

This site is NOT focused on sports and entertainment news. It IS focused on addressing some of the main excuses given by individuals for not being knowledgeable about current events and basic facts, such as…

Excuse #1: There are too many news stories to know what’s really important.

We filter out all of the news stories and report on what is deemed the most important based on factors such as the amount of people affected, the relationship to a larger theme, a major shift in narrative, etc.

Excuse #2: I don’t have time to read news articles or watch the news.

That’s why we keep each news post short and sweet. The facts are straightforward and straight up; no digging through lengthy news stories to get the pertinent information. We give you the facts, and the analysis is up to you.

Excuse #3: The news is too depressing.

While we can’t change the subject matter of the news, we can change the way it is reported. The news posted here is meant to be big-picture stuff, to help you understand the world and make connections and draw conclusions on your own. We will not be reporting on every death in Chicago last night, or how a puppy was killed during a break-in.